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Why a good Independent Insurance Broker is important

An independent insurance broker is going to shop around with different insurance carriers on your behalf to look to get you the best rate but will also make observations about your coverages that can be extremely helpful.

Another way you can tell that have a good insurance agent, is they do things like this when there is a claim, Did they try to find out what happened? Did they go over what to expect and give you an idea of how an insurance company is going to look at it.

If you are surcharged, did they explain what can be done to appeal if you feel you are not at fault?

A good insurance broker will contact you if there any pending cancellations that are mailed out in case you didn't receive the notice in the mail, so you don't have to find out that your coverage was cancelled, and you are either driving around without insurance or your house has no coverage.

One of the most important aspects of an insurance broker is that you are used to dealing with the same person, so you have a relationship with them. The questions to ask are they dependable? Do they get right back to you? Are they helpful? Do they try to make the process enjoyable?

Call Mark at 781-837-1941, your LOCAL independent insurance agent!


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